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  • Premiéra: 5.12.2006 na PSP
  • Výrobce: Kojima Productions
  • Vydavatel: Konami
  • Typ hry: Stealth Action
  • Počet hráčů: 1-6
  • Online: Ano
  • Věková kategorie: 17+
  • Jazykové mutace: JP, EN
  • Oficiální web: klikni zde

MGS: Portable Ops

Data vydání

  • Amerika(PSP) - 5.12.2006
  • Japonsko(PSP) - 21.12.2006
  • Evropa(PSP) - 4.5.2007


  • Gene: This facility you are helping to build is absolutely vital to the strong roots of our new nation. But never forget that you, yourselves, are no less valuable a resource to that nation. A nation that will house the mightiest, most capable military ever seen by man. Warriors in their prime. We will end an era that sees soldiers discarded like tools, and strike war from the menu of global politics. And it is you - soldiers, military engineers - who are her first citizens. Our nation's riches, and its fighting spirit. I only pray that such priceless resources be not sacrificed in vain!

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