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Nový překlad E3 2006 traileru

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Administrátor (snakeeater)

mgs4ntrraid.png Překladatel z TUS týmu s nickem Upuaut si uvědomil, že anglické titulky v E3 2006 traileru na MGS4 nejsou z japonštiny dobře přeloženy a proto se je rozhodl přeložit znovu. Konečně některé věci dávají smysl...

Snake: War has changed. An age has come to an end. Our war is over.

Colonel: Restrictions on international military intervention have eased ever since Manhattan, resulting in the rise to power of mercenary companies. Today's wars largely depend on such private military companies, or PMCs, for their armaments. These companies have fast become a threat to the world.

Snake: America's paying the price for all her years of arming the globe.

Colonel: Their combined military power is enough to rival that of even the United States. An investigation we conducted revealed that the five biggest PMCs are all run by a single dummy corporation acting as a parent company.

Snake: And the name of this parent company?

Colonel: Outer Heaven.

Snake: The only world in which soldiers can fulfill their purpose in life...

Snake: War has changed. It's no longer fought for nations or ideologies. Nor over spoils or ethnicity. It's now a never-ending series of boundless proxy conflicts fought by mercenaries and machines. War, with all the lives it claims, has transformed into an efficient, painless business.

War has changed. ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged weapons and use ID-tagged ordnance. The nanomachines in their bodies regulate as well as nurture their abilities. Genetic control, information control, emotional control, combat control... Everything is monitored and controlled.

War has changed. Military strategy has shifted from one of deterrence to total control, removing the threat posed by weapons of mass destruction in the process. The control of the battlefield also means the control of history.

War has changed. With the control of the battlefield, war has become universal.

Colonel: He plans to spread even more conflict, and achieve the utopia Big Boss dreamed of.

Liquid: We have been liberated from the bonds of fate. Brother, we are free!

Snake: How could the PMCs have acquired that big a force right under everyone's noses?

Meryl: PMCs and the military are all run with a system of complete control.

Naomi: As long as soldiers are wired with nanomachines, they can't even so much as point a gun at a client.

Snake: You'll wake the dead with that thing, Otacon.

Otacon: Come on, Snake. An old friend's waiting for you.

Colonel: Snake...

Snake: Colonel!

Colonel: Please, Snake. That was a long time ago. We've found him -- he's in the Middle East. We can talk on the way. If we don't stop him now...the world is finished.

Otacon: Yeah... Liquid's moved into action.

Colonel: Liquid holds that entire force at his command. He's preparing to launch an armed uprising.

Snake: Tell me, Naomi -- how much longer do I have?

Naomi: Your entire body's already started to decay. An ordinary man would be a cripple by now. Six months. You've got six months left to live.

Otacon: Don't you think it's time we gave up, Snake?

Snake: I'm not dead yet. I've still got time.

Otacon: That's not what I meant. He's too powerful. We never stood a chance against him.

Naomi: We should all atone for our own sins. They are the one thing we must never pass on to the next generation. We mustn't leave our sins to the future.

Colonel: You're the only ones who can stop him. The Patriots are involved in this too. You guys are the world's last hope.

Meryl: "La-li-lu-le-lo"? What are you talking about? We're the new FOXHOUND.

Otacon: Let's finish it, Snake. This is going to be our final battle. All punishment should fall to us.

Liquid: It was you who was cast out by Eve for killing Abel. What will you do after having killed your own flesh and blood? Accept your sins and end your existence?

Snake: War has changed. An age has come to an end. Our war is over. But there's one last thing I have to do. One final punishment that's been handed down to me -- to erase my genes, my meme, from the face of the earth. That, is my final mission.

There are some things in this world that can't be passed on.
Some things that mustn't be passed on.
Some bloodlines that need to end.

Raiden: My turn to watch over you, Snake.


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